3 Must See Places to Drive by in Newport Beach

Taking one's Volkswagen Tiguan out to go sightseeing in Newport Beach is something everyone dreams of doing.

There is something about nature and being around natural sceneries that can't be beaten. Especially when one drives to those resorts in their Volkswagen Tiguan.

Taking your friends out to go sightseeing is a fantastic way to spend the weekend or even to let oneself a little loose during the work-week.

Here are 3 places everyone needs to drive to in Newport Beach:

1. The Balboa Pavilion

Of course, the Balboa Pavilion would be first on this list of must see areas in Newport Beach. Why is it so great? Simply because it is one of the greatest historical landmarks in California, and one can even argue that it is this beautiful area that made Newport Beach the bustling and commercial area it is today.

The Balboa Pavilion is worth driving to alone or with friends because it is located on a waterfront with breathtaking views that almost look magical. To top it all off there are also extra features like fishing and whale watching that can be done for further entertainment.

2. Woods Cove

Woods Cove is a breathtaking beach that is known for its beautiful and natural rock formations. Going for a drive down to see the beach is worth it, even if one does not intend to picnic or swim in the water.

Not only are the beaches and rock formations breathtaking, but the cove is located right beside one of the most beautiful residential areas and gardens in Newport Beach. After taking a look at the beautiful scenery, driving down the residential street by the garden entrance will be sure to add more excitement and entertainment to the outing.

3. Crystal Cove State Park

This park is an absolute drive-to because of its size, beauty, and fun features. Crystal Cove State Park is one of the largest preserved remnants of nature in Newport beach.

Everyone in the car will surely be amazed when they see how beautiful the scenery is. There is also an area in Crystal Cove State Park where individuals and families can drive to and camp out.

Not only is the seaside beautiful but it also offers access to the historically preserved waterside community of cottages that have been preserved since the early 1900's.

Driving out in ones Tiguan around Huntington Beach promises lots of fun for everyone who decides to come along. One's vehicles are often just used for work and errands but one of the biggest advantages of owning a car is that one can reach amazing and beautiful destinations and see things that would have been difficult to experience otherwise.

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Need Safety? Try the Volkswagen Jetta

The Volkswagen Jetta is a great car to own especially in busy places like Newport Beach. Buying a Jetta in Huntington Beach is an ideal decision for small families, new drivers, or individuals that are very concerned with road safety.

The Volkswagen Jetta 2017 offers numerous features including a great engine and reinforced door hinges. However, its number one most prominent feature is safety.

The VW Jetta offers numerous safety features that can aid a driver tremendously and help prevent many potential accidents.

1.  Side Mirror Signals

The first safety feature available on the VW Jetta is the side mirror signals. The side mirrors are equipped with additional flashing signals so the other drivers and pedestrians are better aware of where one intends to turn.

Driving is all about communication. Letting the people and drivers around know where one intends on going is vital to ensure safety on the road.

2. Blind Spot Detection

Blind spot detection is another great feature that is being offered in most new car models, particularly because of how needed it is. Blind spot detection entails a blinking icon on the side mirror which alerts the driver if there is a car that is too close by. Naturally, when a driver is alerted they will avoid changing lanes or move over as required.

3. Front Assist

Front Assist is a great new technology that alerts the drivers if they are about to crash into something in front of them. The technology causes alarms and lights to go off and if the driver is too close then full braking is automatically applied.

4. Automatic Wipers

Automatic wipers are absolutely great because they allow the driver to focus on driving instead of worrying about how much and when to put on their wipers. These rain-detecting wipers are able to tell when water hits the windshield and they automatically turn on, adjust speeds, and turn off depending on the amount of rain.

Yes, they even turn on when a large truck splatters one's car with water.

5. Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive cruise control is a unique feature which adjusts the speed limit of one's car depending on the traffic around them. If the car ahead is moving too slow, the adaptive cruise will automatically adjust the speed. The driver can even specify the amount of space they prefer between cars and space will be made automatically.

All these safety features are available with the Volkswagen Jetta in Newport Beach. It's a great idea to buy this car, new or used, if one is very particular with driving or if one is not that confident about their driving ability as of yet.

How to Keep a Volkswagen in Good Shape

Driving around a Volkswagen in Huntington Beach can get messy. The constant wear and tear of the road alongside changing weather conditions in Huntington Beach can really take a toll on one's car.

It really is a relief that there are a lot of car repair and maintenance shops in Huntington Beach that can keep one's car looking good and working right.

There are a few tips that drivers can follow to ensure that their Volkswagen continues to function as optimally as possible.

Regular Maintenance

The most vital step in keeping one's vehicle in good shape is to take it in for regular maintenance. Taking one's car to the repair shop regularly will help ensure that no underlying problems are building in the car.

Another reason to go and get regular maintenance for one's car is that keeping the car internally clean and keeping all it's parts properly maintained will help the car last longer.

It is not uncommon that drivers come in to have their car checked only to be told that an internal piece has rusted badly, almost to the point of being dangerous.

Extra precaution should be taken, especially if one has a used car or an older car. Owners of older cars should be more strict on ensuring regular visits for car maintenance to stabilize their own safety.

Cars are very much like humans. Just as it is necessary to visit the clinic for annual appointments to check up on physical health, it is also important to get one's car checked up on a regular basis.

Wash It Weekly

Weekly car washes can be annoying, inconvenient and feel like a chore, but the reality is that keeping one's car clean on the exterior not only keeps a car looking shiny and unique, but a car that is cleaned regularly will also last longer.

How will a clean car last longer? Having a car that is clean will last longer because if there is no build-up of dirt on the exterior then the vehicle will not get damaged and rust as fast.

Yes, it's true. One's car will actually rust faster if it is not washed often.

Car maintenance and cleanliness are vital to the longevity of one's car. It may seem unimportant to keep one's Volkswagen clean regularly, and it may seem completely unnecessary to spend one's free time going to the shop for maintenance checks, but in the long run, it will improve the performance of one's car and keep it looking new for longer.

The Number One Thing to Look for in a Car Dealer

No two car dealers are the same in Huntington Beach and it is extremely important to do the research before picking a Huntington Beach dealership to work with.

It is incredibly vital to choose a dealership carefully because the entire experience of buying one's car: from the price to the test-drive, are all determined by the way one is treated by the dealership.

Of course things like the owner's professional history and the amount of time the dealership has been in business are important, but there in one factor which usually never fails in determining the quality and experience one can expect from a dealership.

This one factor is an online presence.

The world is changing fast and previously, the best way to know about the validity of a company was to ask previous customers how their experience was. Vehicle companies could get away with almost anything and nobody would be any wiser.

The most important factor to consider when going in to sign a deal with a new car dealership nowadays is to check what is being said about them online.

There is a very particular way to evaluate reviews. Most people assume that if they are looking at a 3-star company, then the company is mediocre. The reality is that the overall star rating does not matter as much as the number of reviewers and how many individuals rated the company at a particular star.

If there is a car dealership that has only 3 ratings and two of them are 5 stars but one is 1 star then the rating will be 3 stars even though two people said they had an incredible experience and only one had a bad experience.

It would be ridiculous to assume that one bad review is the accurate one, but one should be wary when reading the reviews as well. The general rule is that if the majority of the reviews are good then the company is good to work with.

Some dealerships may not have reviews, but they have invested a lot of time and money into building a very updated and user-friendly website.

Car dealerships that take time to make their company available on the internet in an easy and accessible way show that they truly care about their customer's experience.

 If one sees an amazing car dealership website that is convenient, easy to use, and packed with information, then they can be certain that the dealership will take care of them when they go to physically visit.

Is Buying a Used Car a Good Idea?

Used car dealers in Newport Beach are starting to see more and more business as the stigma of buying or owning a used car begins to fade fast.

Perhaps it is the tight economical conditions that society has been strewn into, or perhaps it is the realization that cars are being built stronger and better so the age of the car does not really matter as much, but the point is that society has begun to accept the purchase of used cars as something socially acceptable.

Often, people consider buying a used car from used car dealers in Newport Beach a smarter choice than buying a new one.

Cars are being built stronger and better than ever before. Cars that have a high mileage are still able to perform great on the road. This definitely wasn't the case a decade back.

The reason for better car performance is more than likely because of the products that car manufacturing companies are using to build their car parts with.

The internal mechanics of a car are much like the organs in the human body. If the internal structure is built strong and properly then the car can enjoy a better life without suffering 'illnesses'.

Thanks to the advancement of technology, there have been revolutionary changes in engine design and the car parts are being made out of stronger, more durable materials.

This really becomes clear when one purchases a used car. People often expect there to be a significant performance difference between a used car and a new car but most of the times this is not the case.

Used car dealers in Newport Beach often see pleasantly surprised faces when drivers test out a used car for purchase. Drivers can hardly tell the difference between the performance of used and new cars.

There is of course the added benefit of financial ease. Buying a used car is always cheaper than buying it new. If one opts to buy a used car they can usually afford a nicer model than if they were buying the car brand new.

People often assume there is really nothing better than buying a new car because when a driver purchases a new car, they have the understanding that all of its parts are brand new so the car will probably last longer and perform seamlessly.

This may be true, but used cars are being built with more durable materials so they don't need as much maintenance as they used to and the financial ease created by purchasing a used car may just be better than having the certainty that new cars can bring.