McKenna BaseCamp



Introducing McKenna BaseCamp

Forged in Dakar, customized in Southern California; transporting you anywhere you need to be.  McKenna BaseCamp is the quintessential Urban Assault Vehicle.  Whether it's all about style while you VIP park at The Ritz or the more rugged terrain from Pioneer Town to Big Bear trail, McKenna BaseCamp is your "All Terrain Vehicle".  Here at Volkswagen Huntington Beach we offer customizations that take you from the desert to the sea, and anywhere you need to be.  Style, comfort, and performance are brought to life as a result of key collaborations with the RV industries leading outfitters and your new Volkswagen.  

We want you to #Dare2DriveDifferent.  Every McKenna BaseCamp package can be financed into your new car purchase, comes with an annual pass to America's National Parks, and kayak & paddle board rentals at the local beach.  Where will you take yours?

 "From the Desert to the Sea, McKenna BaseCamp will take you to where you want to Be." - Grizzly Adams 

Packages starting at $48 per a month.


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