MOC® Fuel Injection Service

Why This Service Is Important: Fuel injectors are designed to deliver an evenly controlled spray to the combustion chamber. However, in as little as 15K miles, deposits can form inside the fuel injector and around its tip. These deposits cause an uneven fuel spray that results in stalling, rough idle, poor acceleration and other drivability problems.
The Remedy
  • A cleaning process designed to flush a mild solvent at high pressure to unclog the injectors.


MOC® Fuel Induction/Throttle Body Service

Why This Service Is Important: Modern engines are finely tuned and extremely sensitive to deposits that accumulate in the intake and throttle body area. Varnish, dirt and PCV deposits stick to the back of the throttle plate and on the walls of the throttle chamber. In some cases, these deposits can interrupt air flow and disrupt the critical air/fuel mixture, which can cause hesitation, rough idle and increased exhaust.
The Remedy
  • A three-stage process that uses a complex blend of solvents and advanced detergent blends.
  • Helps remove deposits and keep the system clean.


MOC® Throttle Body Service

Why This Service Is Important: Intake valve and combustion chamber deposits rob your car of performance and economy. Deposits build up slowly in your engine every time you drive your car. When left untreated, thick deposits can build up in the combustion chamber and on the pistons and intake valves. These deposits cause such problems as poor cold starts, ping detonation, poor performance, increased exhaust emissions and run-ons.
The Remedy
  • Clean deposits from the back of throttle - body
  • A three-stage process that uses a complex blend of solvents and advanced detergent blends.


MOC® Brake Fluid Exchange

Why This Service Is Important: The brake system is perhaps the most ignored component of the vehicle, and yet the most important to the safety of the driver and passengers. Brake fluid absorbs moisture that seeps in through microscopic pores in the brake hoses and seals. Moisture not only lowers the boiling point of the fluid and increases the possibility of the fluid boiling, but can deplete the level of the corrosion inhibitors.
The Remedy
  • Complete fluid exchange of contaminated fluid.
  • Replenish system with new brake fluid to extend life of the system.


QBRK Brake Quite Service $49.95

MOC® A/C Odor Treatment

Why This Service Is Important: This service is a technologically advanced chemical designed to neutralize odors that form in the evaporator core and air ventilation system. It eliminates odors in your vehicle's air conditioning.
The Remedy
  • Freshen your ventilation system.
  • Removes musty odors.


Diesel Fuel Filter Replacement
Recommended Every 60K $99.95

Battery Terminal Cleaning Service $29.95

MOC® Engine Fluid Exchange

Why This Service Is Important: Has life been busy and your oil changes gone longer between services than you would like them to? Maybe it's time for this service. Our factory trained technician will remove and dispose off all the old engine oil and filter.
The Remedy
  • Exchange out the engine lubrication system to remove sludge.
  • Install new engine oil and filter along with the premium engine treatment.


Cooling System Fluid Exchange $184.95


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